Current Road & Public Utility Projects

Public Meeting Notice

The City of Whitehall is seeking funding assistance from the Ohio Public Works Commission for a roadway improvement project on Yearling Road, between the city limits south of the Railroad Tracks near East 5th Avenue and Broad Street. The City will be hosting a public information session during the September 5th City Council meeting to discuss the planned roadway improvements and obtain property owner and resident feedback. The concept for this improvement includes the following components:

• Widening of road and addition of a median for part of the road

• Addition of street lighting

• Addition of a sidewalk with ADA compliant curb ramps

• Asphalt resurfacing of the roadway

The public meeting will be held in City Hall on Tuesday, September 5th at 7:00 p.m., at 360 South Yearling Road. We welcome your participation during this forum. If you cannot attend but would like more information on this improvement, please contact the Whitehall Public Service Department at (614) 237-8612.