Training & Equipment

The Division of Police maintains a highly specialized Special Weapons and Tactic (SWAT) team that is comprised of regular duty officers and auxiliary officers that go through extensive additional training. The SWAT team is comprised of SWAT officers, snipers, and hostage / barricade crisis negotiators. The SWAT team maintains proficiency in special weapons, gas munitions, tactical strategy, hostage barricade situations, and advanced team dynamics.
Together they utilize the latest in technology and equipment and are capable of handling any high risk police operation. The team regularly works in coordination with other local SWAT teams thereby acting as a force multiplier in other jurisdictions and in Whitehall. The division's SWAT team trains monthly and is actively called to 20 to 25 missions per year. 

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact the Division of Police by calling (614) 237-6333.
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