Common Scams

Door to door solicitation in Whitehall, without a permit, is illegal. Whitehall City Ordinance 745.01 states that “no person shall engage in door to door selling or solicitations or public opinion poll taking in the City unless he shall first have secured a license from the Chief of Police…” Scammers often prey on persons through door to door solicitations and this ordinance helps protect Whitehall residents.

 If there is someone at your door trying to sell you products or services, DO NOT let them into your home, ask to see their permit, and if in doubt call the Whitehall Police Department at 614-237-6333 to verify the person’s permit. Some other ways to protect yourself include:

1. Know who you’re dealing with;
2. Know that wiring money is like sending cash;
3. Read your monthly statements;
4. After a disaster, give only to established charities;
5. Talk to your doctor before you buy health products or treatments;
6. DO NOT let anyone use your cell phone, offer to call for them if they are requesting to make a call;
7. DO NOT send money to someone you don’t know;
8. DO NOT agree to deposit a check and wire money back; and
9. DO NOT reply to messages asking for personal or financial information.

More information about common scams can be found on the Ohio Attorney General website.