How Do I?

  1. File a Police Report

    Click here to learn how to file a police report both in person and online.

  2. View Meeting Agendas & Minutes

    Click here to view City Council and other City committee meeting agendas and minutes.

  3. Apply for a Job

    Explore a career with the City of Whitehall.

  4. Apply for a Building Permit

    Learn what is needed to apply for Whitehall permits.

  5. File Taxes

    Find out how to file your taxes with the City of Whitehall.

  6. Pay Taxes

    Pay your City taxes online with ease and convenience.

  7. Print Tax Forms

  8. Contact Department Staff

    Browse contact information for City personnel.

  9. Find City Road Closures

    Learn about City road closures and utility projects.

  10. Find the Codified Ordinances

    Link to the City of Whitehall's Codified Ordinances

  11. Find Homeowner Resources

    Click here to see what resources are available to Whitehall homeowners.

  12. Read Community Headlines

    Read up-to-date news and information.

  13. View City Events

    Click here to view the Whitehall Community Calendar.

  14. Register to Vote/Find out Where to Vote

    Voice your opinion in the upcoming election.

  15. Report a Problem

    Report your issue to the proper City authorities.

  16. View Map Of Whitehall Boundaries

    Click here to view and search a map of the City of Whitehall.