Public Safety


Whitehall, OH 43213

(614) 237-0831

Division of Police 

365 S. Yearling Road
Whitehall, OH 43213

(614) 237-6333

(614) 237-6455

Name Title Email Phone
Crispen, Mike Chief of Police (614) 246-7411
Sharpless, Tracy L. Deputy Chief (614) 246-7415
Kelso, Daniel Deputy Chief (614) 246-7418
Grebb, John Detective Sergeant  
Adkins, Rex Patrol Sergeant  
Allen, Dennis Patrol Sergeant  
Huntzinger, Chad Patrol Sergeant  
Salyers, Spencer Patrol Sergeant  
Earl, Jon Patrol Sergeant  
Wardlow, Dan Patrol Sergeant  
Wilder, Chad Patrol Sergeant  
Adams, Clayton Patrol Officer  
Baker, Gary Patrol Officer  
Brown, Jeremy Patrol Officer  
Brown, Thomas Patrol Officer  
Buerkel, Jon Patrol Officer  
Chiriac, John Patrol Officer  
Dickey, John Detective  
Dillon, Michael Patrol Officer  
Dompier, Ryan Patrol Officer  
Dray, Shane Patrol Officer  
Fields, Anthony Patrol Officer  
Fletcher, Donald Patrol Officer  
Fullerton, Noah Patrol Officer  
Goble, Jeffrey Patrol Officer  
Grinstead, Guy Detective  
Hackney, Jesse Patrol Officer  
Hollyfield, Erick Patrol Officer  
Hopper, Mark Detective  
Jacobs, Kyle Patrol Officer  
Kubinski, Jason Patrol Officer  
McKittrick, Lee Detective  
Miller, Scott Detective  
Nicol, David Patrol Officer  
Nunemaker, Chad Patrol Officer  
Ortega, Enrique Patrol Officer  
Scott, Tammi Patrol Officer  
Showalter, Mark School Resource Officer  
Slosser, John Detective  
Smith, Andrew Patrol Officer  
Smith, Brian Detective  
Spezialetti, Lou Detective  
Stock, Colton Patrol Officer  
Williams, Tanner Patrol Officer  
Willis, Dustin Patrol Officer  
Vandegriff, Miranda Sr. Administrative Assistant  
McKinley, Kellie Crime Analyst  
Sexton, Tamara Detective Bureau Secretary 614-237-6333 ext. 1246
Garner, Deborah Records Clerk  
Groth, Heidi Records Clerk  
Knight, Kimberly Records Clerk  
Korecz, Deb Records Clerk  
Benninger, Jack Police Dispatcher  
Briggs, Audrey Police Dispatcher  
Holley, Sarah Police Dispatcher  
Holman, Aaron Police Dispatcher  
Lichtenstein, Marc Police Dispatcher  
Marstiller, Allison Police Dispatcher  
Mumper, Cheryl Police Dispatcher  
Rivera, Carlina Police Dispatcher  
Cantrell, Russ Property Room  
Hensley, Mark Property Room  

Divison of Fire 

390 S. Yearling Road
Whitehall, OH 43213

(614) 237-0831

Name Title Email Phone
Moore, Preston Fire Chief  
Menapace, Christopher Assistant Chief of Fire  
Williams, Dawn Administrative Assistant  
Burnes , Michael EMS Coordinator  
Casto , Ron Firefighter/Paramedic  
Cottrell , Brendan Firefighter/Paramedic  
Crabtree, Timothy Firefighter/Paramedic  
Cunningham, Ray Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fellers, Ian Firefighter/Paramedic  
Gatewood, George Lieutenant  
Glenn, Drew Firefighter/Paramedic  
Grossman, Jeff Firefighter/Paramedic  
Hamons, Connor Firefighter/Paramedic  
Horn, Dan Firefighter/Paramedic  
Homman, Rob Firefighter/Paramedic  
Hughes, David Firefighter/Paramedic  
Irwin, Brian Firefighter/Paramedic  
Jones, Randy Community Paramedic  
Keiffer, Garry Fire Prevention Inspector  
King, John Fire Prevention Captain  
Laney, Brandon Firefighter/Paramedic  
Leonard, Ben Firefighter/Paramedic  
Long, Grant Captain  
Mason, Mike Firefighter/Paramedic  
McBride, David Captain  
McQuesten, Greg Firefighter/Paramedic  
Mercer, Dan Lieutenant  
Morales, Andrew Firefighter/Paramedic    
Moxley, Tim Firefighter/Paramedic  
Neighbarger, Doug Firefighter/Paramedic  
Reed, Jerry Firefighter/Paramedic  
Reed, Stephanie Firefighter/Paramedic  
Richison, Pete Firefighter/Paramedic  
Scott, Brandon Firefighter/Paramedic    
Shepherd, Del Captain  
Short, Lance Lieutenant  
Simpson, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Soder, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Swingle, Tim Firefighter/Paramedic