Divison of Fire


390 S. Yearling Road
Whitehall, OH 43213

(614) 237-0831

Name Title Email Phone
Moore, Preston Fire Chief  
Menapace, Christopher Assistant Chief of Fire  
Williams, Dawn Administrative Assistant  
Burnes , Michael EMS Coordinator  
Casto , Ron Firefighter/Paramedic  
Cottrell , Brendan Firefighter/Paramedic  
Crabtree, Timothy Firefighter/Paramedic  
Cunningham, Ray Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fellers, Ian Firefighter/Paramedic  
Gatewood, George Lieutenant  
Glenn, Drew Firefighter/Paramedic  
Grossman, Jeff Firefighter/Paramedic  
Hamons, Connor Firefighter/Paramedic  
Horn, Dan Firefighter/Paramedic  
Homman, Rob Firefighter/Paramedic  
Hughes, David Firefighter/Paramedic  
Irwin, Brian Firefighter/Paramedic  
Jones, Randy Community Paramedic  
Keiffer, Garry Fire Prevention Inspector  
King, John Fire Prevention Captain  
Laney, Brandon Firefighter/Paramedic  
Leonard, Ben Firefighter/Paramedic  
Long, Grant Captain  
Mason, Mike Firefighter/Paramedic  
McBride, David Captain  
McQuesten, Greg Firefighter/Paramedic  
Mercer, Dan Lieutenant  
Morales, Andrew Firefighter/Paramedic    
Moxley, Tim Firefighter/Paramedic  
Neighbarger, Doug Firefighter/Paramedic  
Reed, Jerry Firefighter/Paramedic  
Reed, Stephanie Firefighter/Paramedic  
Richison, Pete Firefighter/Paramedic  
Scott, Brandon Firefighter/Paramedic    
Shepherd, Del Captain  
Short, Lance Lieutenant  
Simpson, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Soder, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Swingle, Tim Firefighter/Paramedic