Parks and Amenities

Whitehall is proud to have recently renovated all five of our community parks, and we look forward to adding our sixth park - the Whitehall Dog Park at the corner of Beechwood Road and Washburn Street - in the coming year. Learn about our parks and their unique amenities from the tabs below.  

  1. Whitehall Community Park
  2. John Bishop Memorial Park
  3. Lamby Lane Park
  4. Norton Field Park
  5. Robinwood Park
  6. The kelley green

Public Notice

The lower level of Whitehall Community Park will be closed to the public until further notice while minor park enhancements are underway. Construction has been delayed/prolonged in part due to inclement weather. Enhancements include the installation of an enclosure for seasonal port-o-johns and a storage shed. The Whitehall Community Park YMCA will not be impacted by the closure. We thank you in advance for your patience as the work in underway!

402 N. Hamilton Road

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Main Amenities: