Permit Information

Most home improvement and commercial projects require a a building or zoning permit before beginning work. Listed below are projects that require permits.

Building Permits

  • New construction for commercial and residential buildings
  • Additions and alterations to existing structures
  • Installation of roofing materials where existing roofing is removed (tear-offs)
  • Installation of siding where existing siding is removed 
  • Installation of furnaces and/or duct work
  • Installation of air conditioning work and/or duct work
  • Installation of water heater units
  • Storage sheds
  • Swimming pool intended for recreational bathing (Download private pool requirements)
  • Decks exceeding 200 square feet
  • All electrical work/replacement of service panels
  • All plumbing work (minor work as determined by the chief building official is exempt)
  • Demolition
  • Installation or construction of heating stoves, fireplaces or chimneys 
  • Commercial occupancy
  • Sewer taps (sanitary and storm)
  • Fire suppression (sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems)
  • Installation of commercial kitchen equipment
  • Installation of new windows and doors or replacement of existing windows and doors of a difference size
  • Ingress and egress stairs for any structure
  • Any structural repairs, building or remodeling projects made necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants or the public 

 Zoning Permits:

  • Fences of all types
  • Replacement of sidewalks within public rights of way and driveway approaches
  • Construction of new driveways and parking lots or resurfacing or recapping of existing driveways and parking lots
  • Storage sheds 200 square feet or less in the area
  • Swimming pools intended for swimming or recreational bathing that do not exceed 24 inches deep
  • All patios and decks not exceeding 200 square feet in area
  • Commercial signage

Fee Schedules 
Commercial Fee Schedule
Residential Fee Schedule 

Application and Plan Submittal
Applications can be submitted in person, by mail at 360 S. Yearling Road or via 
email to the Building Department

The City is now able to review plans submitted in digital format. General instructions:

  • Plans must be submitted as a PDF.  Residential: Please include the application and three sets of plans/drawings; Commercial: Please include the application and five sets of plans/drawings.
  • All sheets in a file must be the same size. If different size sheets are a part of the submittal, please submit separate files. 
  • Drawings may be emailed or a link sent for download, depending on file size, to the Building Department.
  • Drawings will be reviewed and digitally stamped. The drawings or a link for download, depending on file size, will be emailed to the applicant.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to print the drawings and have them available at the job site for review by the inspector.

Download an Application

Contractor Registration Packets

All contractors working in Whitehall must register with the City of Whitehall and meet all registration requirements. Download a list of registered contractors >>

Occupancy Registration 
Before you open a new business, you are required to complete an Occupancy Request Application. Submit this application to the Building Department for prior approval. Once the application is approved, a safety inspection by our building and fire departments will occur to make certain the space is in compliance with current building and fire codes. You should verify the zoning is correct before signing a lease. 

Utility Right of Way Permits