Leaf Collection

Public Service collects leaves from the curb from mid-October through mid-December of each year. City crews are in each zone during specific weeks. The schedule will allow you to know the exact week when crews will be in your area, so you can plan your yard maintenance accordingly. 

Each zone will see collection three separate times throughout the fall, beginning in early October and running through early December. View your zone via the interactive map, or check here.

How to Participate

  • Timing: Residents will need to rake their leaves to the curb prior to  Sunday evening of their zone’s scheduled week. This will allow our crews to complete each zone within the time period and remain on schedule.
  • Placement: Please rake your leaves to the curb, but not into the street as this can cause blockages near sewer drains, and can create a driving hazard. Leaves should be in a long row as opposed to a large, tall pile. 

Any leaves remaining after our crews have completed their final collection in your zone will need to either be placed in yard waste cans/bags at the curb for pick-up by our waste hauler, Local Waste, or mulched by you.

2020 Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Week of Oct. 12th Week of Oct. 26th Week of Oct. 19th
Week of Nov. 2nd Week of Nov. 16th Week of Nov. 9th
Week of Nov. 30th Week of Dec. 14th Week of Dec. 7th
Click on the full-screen icon on the map below to view it in a larger format and to search for your address.