Standing Committees of Council


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Second and fourth Tuesday of every month
Each of the committees meets to discuss issues and legislation as they relate to the operation, health, welfare, and safety of the City.


As part of Council’s commitment towards the improvement of the city and implementation of the Strategic Plan, the Standing Committees of Council are aligned with the core areas of focus. The Standing Committees of Council are: 
  • Administration and Financial Management, Chairperson Bob Bailey - The Administration and Financial Management Standing Committee works to ensure the City’s financial stability with long-range planning and forecasting, aligning both financial and administrative resources with community and organizational needs, and implement codes to support the initiatives.
  • Community and Elder Advocacy, Chairperson Lori Elmore - The Community Engagement Committee works to enhance partnerships with various community organizations and strengthen relationships with other local jurisdictions.
  • Community Standards and Enforcement, Chairperson Chris Rodriguez - The Community Standards and Enforcement Standing Committee works to improve both commercial and residential neighborhoods, beautify streetscapes, and promote environmental friendly codes and policies.
  • Economic Development, Chairperson Larry Morrison - The Economic Development Standing Committee works to expand the jobs base throughout the City, develop technological infrastructure for the 21st century, and encourage additional commercial redevelopment / development.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Services, Chairperson Joanna Heck - The Infrastructure Maintenance and Services Standing Committee works to insure the City provides services that are responsive to community needs, establish codes to upgrade and improve infrastructure, and establish codes to ensure utility compliance.
  • Public Safety, Chairperson Karen Conison - The Public Safety Standing Committee works to improve effectiveness of crime fighting techniques, engage businesses and citizens in community policing and safety, and mitigate causes of crime.
  • Parks & Recreation, Chairperson Wes Kantor - The Parks & Recreation Committee works to ensure that all of the citizens’ parks and recreation needs are met, enhance community events, and improve facilities.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the City Council Office at 614-237-8614. Please plan to attend the next meeting to learn more about your city government. Working together for the improvement and strengthening of our City!