Contractor Requirements

All contractors working in Whitehall must register with the City of Whitehall and meet the following criteria: 

  • A complete application with all requested information provided. (Expires one year from the date of issuance.)  All incomplete applications and packets will be returned.
  • Minimum liability insurance of $500,000 with City of Whitehall as certificate holder. 
  • Original $25,000 surety bond (with seal) payable to the City of Whitehall.

Some registrations require a copy of the Columbus and/or State of Ohio license. View the specific registration packet for more information. View a list of registered contractors >>

Building Plan Review

  • Residential: Please include the application and three sets of plans/drawings.
  • Commercial: Please include the application and five sets of plans/drawings.

Scheduling & Requirements

To schedule an inspection call 614-237-8612.

Working with a Contractor

All contractors working in Whitehall are required to have proper registration issued by the City of Whitehall. If you need to hire a contractor, we recommend you ask to see their registration when you receive their estimate. City of Whitehall code prohibits any contractor that does not have a City of Whitehall Registration to work within the City limits. It is the contractor’s responsibility to obtain the required permit(s) before they start work on your project. If you are in doubt whether a contractor is properly registered or if the required permits were obtained, call the City Building Department at 614-237-8612 for verification. DO NOT make any final payment until the final inspection has been signed off on your permit.