City Government

The City of Whitehall was first incorporated as a Village in 1947 and operates under a Council-Mayor form of government. In addition to electing the Mayor, the Whitehall community also separately elects a City Attorney, City Auditor and City Treasurer.

The Mayor serves both as the ceremonial head of the City and as the chief executive official, responsible for preparing the annual budget and capital program, setting strategic priorities and keeping City Council advised of current and future community needs. The Director of Public Service and Director of Public Safety are appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor is elected every four years and may serve up to three terms.

City Council is the legislative body of the City of Whitehall and consists of eight elected members. The Council is made up of a council president, four ward council members with one from each ward, and three at large council members representing the entire community.

Elected Administrators

NEWESTHeadshot-Kim Maggard

Kim Maggard, Mayor 

Dan Miller-8098

Dan Miller, City Auditor 

Michael Bivens-8039

Michael T. Bivens, City Attorney 

Steve Quincel-7988

Steven Quincel, City Treasurer 

City Council

City Council 2020

Pictured from left to right: Robert Bailey, Chris Rodriguez, Lori Elmore, Karen Conison, Thomas M. Potter, Wes P. Kantor, Joanna Heck, Larry Morrison. Learn more about City Council here >>