Private Property Registration

Whitehall residents are now able to register their valuable property with the Whitehall Division of Police. The new online service, managed through Coplogic, is designed to make it easier for police to locate the rightful owners of lost or stolen property. Registering property in advance of an incident may also make it easier to process potential insurance claims or file future police reports.

Residents will be asked to fill in their contact information as well as the description, make, model and serial number of the chosen items. The Whitehall Division of Police encourages all residents to register their cell phones, tablets, computers, bicycles  and other valuables online with this new service. Information that is submitted will reside in the Department’s secure record management system.

*Coplogic is the same system that the Whitehall Division of Police and many other agencies use to take online police reports.  Residents are able to file accident, theft, lost property and other reports as well as leave narcotic tips from the convenience of their own home. Reports can also be made in person at the Whitehall Division of Police, 365 S. Yearling Road, using a kiosk that is located in the lobby.

Click here to register your property.