Home Reinvestment Programs

Important Update:

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, the City will not be conducting the Home Reinvestment Program in 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our homeowners. 

The City of Whitehall is committed to supporting current homeowners in their endeavors to improve their homes, neighborhoods and the Whitehall community. The City has created the Home Reinvestment Program and the Sidewalk and Driveway Approach Replacement Program to financially assist residents with their front-facing exterior home projects. Qualifying Whitehall homeowners are able to receive reimbursement of 50 percent of an exterior home remodeling project or 25 percent for sidewalk or driveway approach improvements, up to $7,500 total.

Application Directions and Program Timeline

  • Obtain appropriate estimate information for your project.
  • Submit Whitehall Homeowner Grant application to the Whitehall Service Department at 360 S. Yearling Road. 
  • Applications should be printed and must include:
    • Estimate information for each qualifying project
    • A full color “before” photo of the area(s) of the home where the project(s) will be completed
    • A completed Program Application Form, which include pages 1-2, as well as Amendment A (page 3) which must be notarized. Notary publics are available at City Hall.
  • Wait to receive your acceptance letter from the City of Whitehall.
  • File for and received approval of all necessary permits for the project through the Whitehall Service Department. Copies of the approved permits must be submitted with your final receipts and color “after” photos.
  • Complete home reinvestment project within one year of receiving approval.  
  • Turn in all associated receipts/invoices and color “after” photos to the Whitehall Service Department within 60 days of project completion.