Annual Report

2019 Annual Report: Opportunity 365

NEWESTHeadshot-Kim MaggardA Message from Mayor Kim Maggard

Welcome to the City of Whitehall’s 2019 Annual Report. The theme of this document — Opportunity 365 — signifies both a celebration and a promise. It is a celebration of a year of dedicated public service and opportunities seized in 2019, and it is a promise that in the coming year, City Council, City staff and myself will continue to do everything in our power to make each day count for Whitehall.

Once the fastest growing community in the country during the 1950s, Whitehall saw years, decades even, that were marked by stagnation. But this was not for lack of potential. Recognizing the untapped opportunities Whitehall had, the City has hit a new stride by looking beyond what was once good enough for the status quo. Together with our partner organizations and the business community, we have taken calculated chances, and have worked toward a new vision for Whitehall. 

My challenge to staff continues to be to do something every day to make that vision a reality. This has led to exponential growth in Whitehall over the last decade, whether measured in new jobs created, payroll base added, median home sale price increases or quality of life improvements. 

But this document is about 2019 and the opportunities that were seized in the last 365 days. I invite you to review the Annual Report both to learn about the major developments that we saw in 2019 but also to better understand the many small ways in which each department contributes to our overall success. I am frequently in awe of the tireless effort given by our public servants who go above and beyond to keep our community safe, our roads clear and our infrastructure in good working order. But then again, it takes this kind of dedication and willingness to serve others to make change happen.

When I’m asked what is next for Whitehall, I explain that sometimes the best measure of where you’re going is how far you’ve already come. If simply looking back on the last year for an indication of what is yet to come for Whitehall, there is no limit to what we can achieve together moving forward.

Should you have ideas or opportunities for our community and want to be part of the comeback story that is Whitehall, my door is always open.

In service,

Kim Maggard